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No water from kitchen taps

Hi probably stupid question but recently bought Bedford sv100 can hear pump working when I switch on but no water coming out of taps any advise please much appreciated
Thu 23 Jun 2022 @ 20:36 View Gary1957   Email Gary1957   Edit this messageQuote this messagePMQuote this message
Colin Birch
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Could be an assortment of things. Obvious place to start is the tank.Is there any water in the tank. Is there a filter on the pump inlet that is blocked. If there's water getting to the pump is there anything coming out of the pump. If not then blocked pump or broken diaphragm? If the water is coming out of the pump then maybe blocked/split pipework? If water is reachjng the tap then maybe blocked tap? Split everything down into small sections and see how far the water is getting.

Colin Birch - CF-UK Admin
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Mon 15 Aug 2022 @ 15:20 View Colin Birch   Email Colin Birch   Colin Birch Home Page   Edit this messageQuote this messagePMQuote this message
Gearbox Technician
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Water Taps.

Hi to all,

In my case it was the taps that were at fault, turning on but the jumpers were stuck.

Tue 16 Aug 2022 @ 10:48 View Dougie   Email Dougie   Edit this messageQuote this messagePMQuote this message
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