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A good round trip.

Hi to all,

Two hundred and ninety miles all round from Friday until Monday, but not without a few hic-ups on the way home when the M74 was like a water way instead of a motorway, A couple of overtaking heavy's put such a wall of water they knocked out my electric's.
So it was a dive for the shoulder and try to keep the old lady firing until she cleared and stopped spluttering, but we kept going up to the next campsite.
Pothole's were the a bit hard on the old suspension, might have a bit of repair work to do there.
But good to get moving again and put some miles on the clock, Having made the trip inspite of the water I did see quite a number of modern vans on the hard shoulder, that did make me wonder.

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Colin Birch
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That's the good thing about the old wagons, once they dry out they should be okay. New vans have so much electronics that a bit of water can kill them.

Colin Birch - CF-UK Admin
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