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Bedford owners are never bored.

Hi to all,

As a Bedford owner for eleven years means I have found the cure for old retired guys who get bored because owning a Bedford means you are never short of work needing done, or time spent searching the net for parts and sometimes having to adapt parts that with a bit of work get the job done and keep the old tub on the road for another year.
Like converting a thermostat top housing to thread in a thermal switch to control electric cooling fans, the switch and fan were off a Renault Clio.
Or removing the spare wheel carrier to allow space for a second fuel tank, linked to the factory fitted tank by an electric pump, allowing me to carry twice as much fuel,(26 gallons}.
Just a couple of a number of things still in the pipeline like a converted inlet manifold so that a carb. can be used, variable jet giving better fuel mileage and performance,(not yet tested).


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