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Ghost Members.Goast

Hi to all,

All the classic vehicle clubs seem to have ghost members and silent readers who have nothing to say, seldom asking a question or stating an opinion on what they read, what a strange membership we have.
The way it should work and used to was to pass on useful ideas that maybe helpful to other members members of the club, that's what used to happen on here.

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When I first got my van this was the only forum on the subject &,as you say,it was pretty lively.When Phil left & started his own,a lot of people went with him.I'm also a member there.There are a number of facebook groups too now & younger people who have accquired a CF tend to use fb rather than 'old fashioned' forums.
Another reason could be that the older person hangs on to the van longer & having accquired the relevant knowledge at the beginning,no longer needs to ask questions.
Finally of course,the number of vans dwindling has risen dramatically thanks to government policies on MOT's.


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